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Why Recycle?

Why RecycleClemson Recycling Services and Solid Green are all about taking pride in Clemson's campus, taking responsibility for keeping it clean and taking action to help sustain the environment. We have many programs in place to make recycling easy for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our beautiful university.

Just follow the simple instructions on how and where to recycle on campus and you too can help keep Clemson Solid Green!

Did you know?

It can take longer than you'd think for certain materials to decompose in a landfill, check out these stats:

  • Paper: A few months to two years.
  • Orange peel: Six months to two years.
  • Milk carton: Up to five years
  • Filter-tip cigarette: Ten to twelve years
  • Plastic bag: A few years to twenty years or longer
  • Plastic container: A few years to eighty years
  • Disposable diaper: Up to seventy-five years
  • Tin can: Up to a hundred years
  • Aluminum can: Two-hundred to five-hundred years
  • Glass: Forever