University Facilities

Advanced Materials Research Lab


Project Highlights:

Sustainable Sites

  • Alternative Transportation: Two bus routes are located within 1/4 mile; bicycle racks and showers provided; car pool special parking provided; shielded lights.

Water Efficiency

  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies: All toilets are either low-flow or dual flush, saving 39% of the potable water typically used; water efficient landscape.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Optimize Energy Performance: Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-1999 by 45% using a high efficiency glazing system, high efficiency lighting with T5 lamps, increased chiller efficiency and a variable speed drive on one chiller.

Materials and Resources

  • Construction Waste Management: 83% of all construction waste was recycled including concrete, asphalt, paper, metal and cardboard. 524 Tons of waste recycled (1 million lbs).

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Construction IAQ Management Plan: All ducts and permeable materials were protected against contamination during construction; all construction filtration media was replaced before occupancy. Also, CO2 monitors installed; low VOC materials and furnishings; daylighting of regularly occupied spaces.

LEED® v2.1 Silver Certified 2005 - Building Statistics

leed scorecard leed silver

  • Location: 91 Technology Drive Anderson SC 29625
  • Completion Date:  November 2004
  • Cost: $22 Million
  • Size: 111,000 gross square feet
  • Footprint: 74,000 square feet
  • Construction Type: Institutional
  • Use Group: Office and Laboratory
  • Lot Size: 31 acres
  • Occupancy: 200 beds