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Project Highlights:

Sustainable Sites

  • Alternative Transportation: The building is within walking distance to campus bus lines; bicycle storage and showers are provided.  Located on site are designated preferred parking spaces for low-emission/ fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Light Pollution Reduction: Exterior lighting has been designed to reduce light pollution and includes a highly reflective roof membrane to reduce the heat island effect.

Water Efficiency

  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies: The project reduced the quantity of water needed by at least 40% over baseline (EPA Act 1992) standards by specifying ultra-low flow fixtures.
  • Landscaping:  Native landscaping is used throughout the site and no permanent irrigation system has been installed, reducing water consumption for landscaping by 100%.

Materials and Resources

  • Recycled Materials:  Within the building are dedicated areas for the storage and collection of recyclables, including paper, plastic, metal, glass and corrugated cardboard.
  • Construction Waste Management: Over 75% of all construction waste was diverted from landfills.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Healthy Indoor Environment: Materials used throughout the building included low or no VOC's in paints, adhesives, carpet, composite wood materials and furniture.  Sensors were installed to monitor that the building ventilation is receiving adequate outside air and also monitoring CO2 content to improve ensure good indoor air quality.
  • Construction IAQ Management Plan:  During construction, all absorptive materials were properly protected from moisture damage and sealed ductwork prevented all dusts /particulates from contaminating the ventilation system.

LEED® v2.1 Gold Certified 2011 - Building Statisticsleedcert

  • Location: 81 Technology Drive, Anderson, SC 29625 
  • Completion Date: March 2011
  • Cost: $9 Million
  • Size:  37,900 gross square feet
  • Footprint: 19,689 square feet
  • Construction Type: Institutional
  • Use Group: Office and Laboratory
  • Lot Size:  6.67 acres
  • Occupancy: 422