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The Girls Center


To connect innovative programming, advocacy, policy analysis, research and evaluation on behalf of girls.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Health, Nutrition & Wellness
  • Gender Identity
  • Economic Development
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Relationships

From the Interim Director

"What works with boys doesn't necessarily work with girls. It is important that we recognize and honor the distinct developmental pathways and experiences that shape girls' lives. In doing so, we empower them with consideration for their specific physical, mental, cultural and psychological needs. The Girls Center acts as a resource and research hub to tackle gender-specific issues such as stereotyping, trauma, teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates and poor self-esteem. We are creating our own expertise in this state and focusing on girls earlier in life, in an effort to prevent them from becoming dependent, disengaged, involved in the juvenile justice system or stuck in intergenerational cycles of abuse. We inspire girls to embrace and believe in The Power of I." ~ Liz Morris