Our research in human factors has been or is currently funded by industry and government including Google and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Human-Automation Interaction and Aging

Automation is, “the execution by a machine agent (usually a computer) of a function that was previously carried out by a human” (Parasuraman & Riley, 1997).  Examples of automation include global positioning systems (GPS) that tell a driver the best path to take, or medical decision aids that analyze a myriad of patient factors and instruct the doctor on the best course of action to follow. Our current research on this topic is examining the factors that affect how users perceive and behave with automation as well as robots.

See this short video for a summary of some recent research:

Everyday Prospective Memory

Prospective memory is our ability to remember to carry out intentions in the future. For example, remembering to pick up milk from the grocery store, or take your medications at 3 pm. Our current research is examining how to enhance these intentions in all ages.