Sales and Solicitations

4.0 Sales and Solicitations: All commercial sales, solicitations, advertising or other commercial activity on University facilities is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the University. “Commercial sales, solicitations, advertising or other commercial activity” shall mean any activity whose purpose is to inform, induce or encourage individuals or groups to purchase, rent, lease, or use (or not purchase, rent, lease, or use) any goods or services. Individuals or groups wishing to engage in sales and solicitations must submit a Sales and Solicitations Form (Appendix C) to the Hendrix Student Center no later than seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the requested event. All authorized sales and solicitations shall be subject to applicable local, state, and federal laws. No sales and solicitation shall interfere or conflict with the normal conduct of the activities and missions of the University and its students and employees.

The University has designated certain facilities and areas for authorized sales and solicitations. Activities may be further restricted to specific times and dates as determined by the University. Failure to comply with any such restrictions shall subject the individual or group to immediate revocation of authorization to engage in the activity and may further result in disciplinary action, including criminal prosecution for trespass.

Door-to-door solicitation and sales is strictly forbidden on any University facility for any reason. Sales and solicitation in any student residential facility and any classroom or work area is prohibited unless such sales and solicitation is requested by a resident (in the case of student residential facilities) or employee (in the case of a classroom or office area) and the resident or employee must sign the Sales and Solicitations Form (Appendix C). In such cases, approval shall generally be restricted to that resident or employee’s room or work area.

4.1. Athletic Events: Commercial sales and solicitations, advertising or other commercial activity on the day of an on-campus athletic event are not permitted within 100 feet of the venue of the athletic event or in the area described as the area east of Lake Hartwell, south of highway 93, and west and north of Silas Pearman Boulevard (Perimeter Road). Exceptions to these limitations may be granted by the Athletic Department and requests for an exception should be submitted on a Sales and Solicitations Form (Appendix C) and submitted to the Athletic Department no later than seventy-two (72) hours before the proposed event.