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CBS is the Clemson University graduate student chapter of the Society For Biomaterials and the Biomedical Engineering Society. Clemson Bioengineering Society is a recognized organization on the Clemson campus with representation in the graduate student government. The international organization of the Society For Biomaterials was founded at Clemson in 1975 and is the leading professional association for bioengineers and other researchers interested in the study of biomaterials. The official publication is the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. In an effort to foster the close relationship between Clemson University and the Society For Biomaterials, the department strives to send many of its students and faculty to the annual meeting held each spring.

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Society For Biomaterials

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Matt Rusin
Vice President
Chris DeBorde
Justin Nice
Lindsey Sanders

Faculty Adviser
Karen Burg, Ph.D.
Hunter Endowed Chair and Professor