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State Leasing Procedures:

Please contact the internal office below to begin any process to lease non-state owned property. All leases that amount to over $25,000 per year require special state and Clemson University Board of Trustee approval. Any request should be submitted to the office below at least 6 months in advance of the date needed. Any decision to lease out University owned space follows a similar procedure and time frame as all such lease must have approval of State Leasing prior to any negotiations if the lease out is for more than 7 days and not exempted by the state.

Clemson University Leasing Procedures:

Please contact the Capital Project and Property Management office located in Gentry Hall to obtain information concerning the leasing of non-state owned property. The following documents will need to be completed to start the leasing process:

1. A Space Request Form
2. A Budget Approval Form

These forms may be obtained by calling 656-5846.
At no time should a department solicit for or negotiate any lease of non-state owned property. All request should come through the above office.