Clemson Orientation

Meet Your Orientation Ambassadors

Clemson University Orientation Ambassadors are peer leaders who facilitate the transition to university life by providing new students and their parents with an introduction to campus and its resources. They are here to welcome new students to Clemson and to support students and parents during their first days on campus.

Are you interested in becoming an Orientation Ambassador for next summer? Get more information at Be an Ambassador or through OrgSync.

These Ambassadors stand ready to make 2014 the best summer orientation ever. Check back later to view the personal video welcome from each Ambassador.

Team Leaders

Matt Abrams
Beatrice Brown
Tim Gibson
Emma Humanchuk


Chandler Kalley
Kristen Krebs
Colby Lanham


April Bittner
Aaron Brown
Andrew Collins
Drew Costa
Zack Cousins
Marisa Covington
Elaine Day
Hannah Deligt
Margaret Elliott
Carol Ann Elliott
Elizabeth Evans
Cambridge Gamble
Zack Goldfarb
Dion Harry
Wren Hershberger
Mackenzie Horne
Grace Lay
Caroline Lewis
Trish Lindgren

Virginia Lister
Molly Makos
Rachel McAfee
Maris Monroe
Ana Montoya
China Moore
Lydia Nolan
Bailey Oliver
Marie-Charlotte Pierre
Shannon Roberson
Abigail Rollins
Chris Sandkuhler
Eve Sherman
Bryan Sivilli
Campbell Starr
Jim Sullivan
Olivia Teelon
Kristin Trusz
Abbey Williams