Governmental Affairs

Contacting Public Officials

This policy is established to ensure activities that are necessary to the operation and mission of Clemson University as a state agency and as directed by the Board of Trustees are carried out in a coordinated, efficient and ethical manner when those activities require involvement with the branches of the federal and state governments.

Individuals and entities (during the course and within the scope of their employment by Clemson University) that have issues/items that come before, or have been requested by, the Governor’s office, legislators, state boards, commissions, committees or affiliated staff members or individuals that have been asked to appear before any governmental body, board, commission or committee are requested to notify the Office of Governmental Affairs as soon as possible prior to the submission or appearance.

In particular, any item submitted to the Budget and Control Board for action shall be sent to Governmental Affairs for review. It shall be the responsibility of the Governmental Affairs staff to communicate appropriately to the individual or entity submitting the information for the purpose of coordination.

Governmental Affairs recognizes the time-sensitive nature of some requests from government officials and agencies, and responses will not be delayed solely for purposes of review by Governmental Affairs.

Clemson University acknowledges that state employees are entitled to engage in political activities during their own time and provided that no Clemson University or South Carolina public resources are used.  This includes the right to meet with and/or communicate with public officials, provided such contact is clearly in their personal capacity and not as part of their public employment.

*Please note, use of university facilities for political or campaign-related events is governed by a separate facilities use policy.