Budget Priorities

For FY 2021-22, Clemson PSA is requesting state investments in Clemson programs and facilities that help conserve the state’s water resources, keep South Carolina farmers nationally and internationally competitive, and support prosperous and healthy families.

Our priorities include:


  • Statewide Comprehensive Extension Program Support -- $1.127 million
  • Critical Fruit and Vegetable Research -- $1.44 million
  • Statewide Forestry and Wildlife Extension -- $767,800


  • Research and Education Center Graduate Student Housing -- $4 million
  • Pee Dee REC Greenhouse Construction -- $2 million
  • Sandhill REC Research and Extension Building Repairs -- $990,000
  • Facility Renovation for Water Research -- $2 million

As a land-grant university, Clemson is part of a national system created by the U.S. Congress to improve the quality of life for citizens in every state through teaching, research and outreach. The university’s statewide Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) network conducts research, outreach and regulatory programs that improve and protect economic prosperity and well-being for all South Carolina citizens. Clemson PSA’s six Research and Education Centers develop relevant, unbiased, research-based knowledge. Cooperative Extension imparts science-based information through a system of offices and agents covering all 46 counties in South Carolina. Livestock Poultry Health safeguards the health and safety of livestock/poultry industries and companion animals, and protects the food supply and public health of South Carolinians. Regulatory Services ensures the safe, effective use of fertilizers and pesticides, and the quality of seeds and plants grown in the state, and conducts programs that prevent agroterrorism.

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