Recurring Request

  1. Water Resource Research, Management and Technology -- $2 million: As the state's primary land-grant university, Clemson University is ideally positioned to lead a comprehensive science-based water resource research program to provide objective knowledge about the capacity of our rivers and aquifers. Clemson PSA has multiple statewide programs that address water quality in forested wetlands and efficient use of water for agriculture. Clemson scientists work collaboratively across research disciplines, database and web platforms and inter-university colleges on crop irrigation systems, forested watershed management, water quality issues, water treatment and data analysis of the state's water resources. In conjunction with on-going university programs and partnering with SCDNR and SCDHEC, Clemson PSA will provide analytical capabilities assist the process of initial baseline measurements of the state’s eight river basins and aquifer capacities relevant to crop production, soil science and hydrogeology, and system modeling. The requested funding will be used to secure additional expertise and program support to unify the individual university programs into a complete and integrated Water Resources Program that will provide tools and information to state and federal agency collaborators as they implement sound water-related policy to ensure that South Carolina’s most vital natural resource is managed to meet the needs of future generations. Funding will also support scientific and engineering expertise, technical and educational components, development of solutions, and dissemination of unbiased, research-based information to South Carolina citizens and key policy makers.

  2. Comprehensive Statewide Extension Programs -- $2.2 million: Clemson Cooperative Extension provides unbiased, research-based information through a system of public outreach programs in youth development; agribusiness; food, nutrition and health; and agronomy, livestock, horticulture and natural resources. Cooperative Extension seeks funding for the post-recession re-establishment of extension personnel in all 46 South Carolina counties to support critical agriculture and natural resource programs, develop and implement novel programs to allow farmers to benefit from new economically viable crops, and enhance youth programming, including the South Carolina 4-H Clementa Pinckney Leadership Conference, which instills teamwork, leadership and citizenship in South Carolina high school students. Funds will also be used to make critical hires in food safety, agribusiness, horticulture and 4-H, and increase programming to meet growing producer interest in the emerging market of sustainable and organic food.

  3. Critical Agriculture and Natural Resources Research -- $1.5 million: Clemson PSA is committed to providing research and development to advance the state’s $42 billion agribusiness and natural resource economy, but maintaining a core of responsive research expertise requires university-based research to support successful grant and contract applications to the U.S.D.A., E.P.A, D.O.E and commodity boards. Clemson PSA is requesting funds to maintain its core expertise in traditional and emerging science and technology, and enhance expertise in agricultural engineering, agribusiness, livestock production, forest productivity, food animal nutrition, food safety, crop health and other research relevant to the success of South Carolina farmers and natural resource managers.