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Budget Priorities

Recurring Request

1. Employee Retention and Recruitment -- $2.3 million

An increasingly competitive workforce salary environment for critical staff positions is making it very difficult to retain current employees or fill open positions essential to the daily operation of the Clemson University Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension Service, Regulatory Services and Livestock Poultry Health.

Download PDF - Employee Retention and Recruitment

2. Statewide Program Support -- $1.9 million

Clemson’s Research and Education Centers provide regional connectivity to our farmers for applied research and education programs to support the agriculture industry. Our Cooperative Extension Service provides technology transfer to commercial agriculture and homeowners.

Download PDF - Statewide Program Support

3. Problematic Wildlife -- $954,000

South Carolina farmers reported damage and economic losses from feral hogs to be $151.5 million annually (Rodriguez 2016)*. Economic losses to crops from deer damage are estimated to be $52 million annually (Smathers et al. 1993)**. Other wildlife, such as coyotes, are having significant negative impacts on livestock, fruit and melon production, and native wildlife.

Download PDF - Statewide Program Support

Public Service and Agriculture
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