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Budget Priorities

Recurring Request

1. Poultry Science Research Facility Support — $525,000

The Poultry Science Research Center, near Clemson’s main campus at the Piedmont Research and Education Center (REC), provides research, teaching and outreach support to the South Carolina poultry industry.

Download PDF - Poultry Science Research Facility Support

2. PSA Statewide Operational and Programmatic Support — $3.6 million

As a land-grant university, Clemson is part of a national system created by the U.S. Congress to improve the quality of life for citizens in every state. Clemson’s Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) network conducts research, Extension and regulatory programs to improve and protect the economic prosperity and well- being of all South Carolina residents.

Download PDF - PSA Statewide Operational and Programmatic Support

3. Problematic Wildlife Management — $1.75 million

Clemson will provide research and education and support to address problematic wildlife management issues within the state.

Download PDF - Problematic Wildlife Management

4. Small Fruit Research Extension — $525,000

Due to demand and increased need of current and applied research in South Carolina, Clemson’s Cooperative Extension Service and Experiment Station seeks to strengthen its expertise in small fruit research.

Download PDF - Small Fruit Research Extension

Public Service and Agriculture
Public Service and Agriculture | 2063 Barre Hall, Clemson, SC 29634