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Budget Priorities

PSA Planned Maintenance


Clemson Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) has a multiyear preventative maintenance schedule for all statewide facilities to address aging infrastructure, changes in research technology and service responsibilities.


  • Replace major farm equipment and outdated vehicles to ensure the safety of our employees.
  • Upgrade facilities to current industry standards for operations and research needs.

Current State:

  • Facilities upgrades and renovations at Clemson Research and Education Centers (RECs) and Extension facilities near campus are needed to provide safe and functional workspaces for staff and faculty. These funds would be used to renovate one of the equine barns at the Garrison Arena and upgrade vegetable research infrastructure at Coastal REC, fisheries research facility at Piedmont REC, and crop research and greenhouse facilities at Edisto REC.
  • Clemson PSA has developed a multiyear preventive maintenance schedule for all facilities statewide to address aging infrastructure issues, adapt to changing technology to support our research, Extension, and service responsibilities, and ensure a safe, functional working environment. The requested funds will address the most immediate needs among all PSA- related facilities.
  • Service vehicles and major farm equipment at Clemson's RECs, Extension county offices and the Livestock Poultry Health Unit need to be replaced periodically to ensure the safety of Clemson employees. State and federal surplus vehicles are used when available and when they meet the work requirements of the units. However, when surplus vehicles are not available, replacements are purchased through the state purchasing system.

What will this $12.17M do?

  • Address top-priority PSA planned maintenance.
  • Address critical infrastructure needs.
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