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Budget Priorities

Small Fruit Research Extension


Due to demand and increased need of current and applied research in South Carolina, Clemson's Cooperative Extension Service and Experiment Station seeks to strengthen its expertise in small fruit research.


  • Keep South Carolina farmers competitive on a national and global scale through research critical to maintaining economically viable and competitive crop production.
  • Recruit top-quality faculty to support identified needs and focus on identifying suitable cultivars for South Carolina as well as developing best production and disease management practices.
  • These scientists would focus on South Carolina industry needs and would lead statewide training, field days and demonstrations for agents and farmers. They would also be responsible for the development of online tools to support growers and Extension personnel.

Current State:

  • Increased and enhanced small fruit research is required to meet the growing demand for diversification of South Carolina agriculture.
  • External stakeholders, specifically the South Carolina Small Fruit Growers Association, have requested research and Extension support in growing small fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and muscadines, and other emerging niche crops, including rice, figs, loquats, citrus, pawpaw, persimmon and others.

What will this $525K do?

  • Hire critical research and Extension faculty and associated operational support.
  • Help small fruit farmers scale to operation.
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