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Budget Priorities

Nonrecurring Request

1.  Critical PSA Infrastructure  -- $3.626 million  

Clemson University PSA’s facilities include six Research and Education Centers throughout the state, Livestock-Poultry Health unit in Columbia, and Regulatory Services Laboratories in Pendleton.  This year Clemson PSA is seeking one-time funding to address specific maintenance and renovation needs at several critical facilities. Specifically, Clemson PSA is seeking legislative funding to complete renovations to the T. Ed Garrison Arena that will help maintain a safe environment for all exhibitors and guests; infrastructure improvements to its Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic and Agricultural Services Laboratory; and emergency preparedness infrastructure for Clemson’s Livestock Poultry Health unit.

2.  Edisto Research and Education Center Research Infrastructure Upgrades and Expansion  -- $8.3 million  

Scientists at the Edisto Research and Education Center (REC) located in Barnwell County have conducted research on agricultural production practices since 1937. Currently, the main research focus on Edisto REC is precision agriculture, where temporal and spatial data are used to drive agricultural management decisions in an effort to maximize resource utilization efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. The requested funds will be used to update existing 35-year-old laboratories and build facilities to house graduate students and visiting scientists, which is an essential component of productive research programs.

3.  Poultry Science Research Facility  -- $4.785 million  

The current facilities at the Morgan Poultry Center located near the main Clemson campus were constructed prior to or during the 1970s. The existing facility does not provide environments that replicate current commercial poultry operations, making research 1) more labor intensive; 2) less applicable to commercial growers; and 3) less fundable by agencies. Renovation of the existing facilities would not be cost-effective. The requested one-time funds would be used to build a new Poultry Science Research Center near Clemson’s main campus on the Piedmont Research and Education Center that will provide research, teaching and outreach support to a South Carolina poultry industry that represents 40% of all agriculture in the state, 80% of animal agriculture and accounts for approximately 13,000 jobs.

Public Service and Agriculture
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