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PSA Budget Request Summary

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Clemson's Public Service Commitment 2014

(available as a pdf here)

Clemson Public Service Activities (PSA) is part of a national network of 50 major land-grant universities—one in each state—that work in concert with the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Clemson PSA has state and federal mandates to conduct research, extension and regulatory programs that support economic growth in South Carolina’s largest industry – agriculture and forestry, or agribusiness.

We are requesting the following state investments in the science needed for South Carolina to be competitive in 21st century agribusiness.

Agribusiness & Emerging Farmers  $2 million
Provide funding for extension scientists for an extension agribusiness program to provide budget analyses, marketing strategies, and production technology information to start-up agribusinesses, emerging farmers and established farmers. Extension specialists and agents will provide information for row crops, forestry, livestock, commercial horticulture and food processing. Funding will also support Clemson’s agribusiness degree program in the College of Agriculture Forestry and Life Sciences, 4-H programs and FFA programs to develop the next generation of industry leaders through statewide program development and outreach.

Precision Agriculture & Environmental Technology  $2 million
To fund agricultural research and extension scientists to expand the Intelligent River technology for Intelligent Farm and Forest programs that maximizes productivity and minimizes environmental impact by applying fertilizer, pesticide and irrigation water only in the locations and amounts needed.  Researchers and agents will be located across the state to assist farmers and foresters with the implementation and use of these technologies. 

Capital Budget

Agriculture & Natural Resources Equipment  $5 million
Precision agriculture research as well as highly sophisticated sensor-based technology requires advanced and modern equipment for scientists to develop new technologies to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural production. The need for modern equipment is statewide at the Pee Dee REC in Florence, Edisto REC in Blackville, Baruch Institute in Georgetown, Coastal REC in Charleston, and on Clemson’s main campus with statewide impact. Funds are also needed to replace and update equipment at our Livestock & Poultry Health Center. After 15 years in operation, our Veterinary Diagnostic Center has vital equipment that must be upgraded for continued safe and efficient operation of the state’s only diagnostic lab for livestock