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Seminars & Workshops

Departmental Seminar Schedule | Student Seminar Schedule

Departmental Seminar Schedule for Fall 2014
** Held in Hunter 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. **


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
19 Dr. Guenter Haufe - Munster, Germany Selective Fluorination - Key to the Synthesis of Promising Molecules Joe Thrasher
28 Annual Department Picnic


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor

Ramaraja Ramasamy - University of Georgia

"Bio-electrocatalysis for Energy Conversion and Sensing Applications - Opportunities and Challenges" Ya-Ping Sun


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
2 Dan Reger - USC "Dinuclear Metallacycles with Single Anion Bridges:  Unusual Magnetic Properties" Modi Wetzler
9 Bruno Ameduri - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique "Recent Advances in the Controlled Radical (co)Polymerization of Fluoroalkenes and Application Therefrom" Joseph Thrasher
23 John Ogilvie - University of Costa Rica "The Hydrogen Atom and Chemistry" Karl Dieter
24 John Ogilvie - University of Costa Rica "Photochemistry of Methane at 3 K" Karl Dieter
30 Jose Almirall - Florida International University "From Basic Research to Routine Use in the Courtroom:  Elemental Analysis and Comparisons of Materials with Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry" Ken Marcus


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
13 Bruce Moyer - Oak Ridge National Laboratory "Separations Chemistry and Host-Guest Concepts Applied to Problems of Contemporary Interest" Modi Wetzler
20 Joseph Teprovich - Savannah River National Lab  "Science and Technology of Hydrogen in Energy Storage and Conversion Devices"  Steve Creager


Departmental Seminar Schedule for Spring 2015


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
Classes Begin    
22 James Prestegard - University of Georgia Glycans on Glycoproteins:  Insight into Funtion from NMR and MD Leah Casabianca


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
5 Paul Floreancig - University of Pittsburgh Oxidative Carbocation Formation in Complex Molecule Synthesis Dan Whitehead
19  Jenifer Braley - Colorado School of Mines Actinide Interactions with (Poly)aminopolycarboxylates:  Advanced Fuel Cycle Applications & Fundamental Chemistry  
26 Seminar cancelled


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
5 Hui Wang - University of South Carolina "Shaping Metallic Nanoparticles toward Integrated Plasmonics and Catalysis" George Chumanov
12 Modi Wetzler - Clemson University "Applications and Advances in N- Alkylation Chemistry" Karl Dieter
16-20 Spring Break    
22-26 ACS meeting in Denver, CO    


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
2 Seminar cancelled
3 Justin Ragains - Louisiana State University "Visible Light Photochemistry and Redox Catalysis in the Pursuit of Structure and Function" Dan Whitehead
9 Christopher Jones - Georgia Tech TBA Dan Whitehead
16 Janna Maranas - The Pennsylvania State University TBA Dvora Perahia

Sheng Dai  - Oak Ridge National Lab

University of Tennessee

TBA Ya-Ping Sun


These seminars are open to anyone interested and will be held in the Hunter Laboratories Auditorium Room 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm.. For any further information, please contact George Chumanov ( or telephone (864) 656-2339.


Student Seminar Schedule For Fall 2014

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
September 16
September 23 Sarah Jones "Recent Developments in Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry"
October 7 Sushant Sahu "Development and Evaluation of Carbon-based Quantum Dots for Carbon Dioxide Photoconversion"
October 21 Lakshman Ventrapragada -  Literature "Optogenetics - Neuroscience's New Toolbox"
December 2 Teeranan Nongnual

"Self-healing Organic Fluorophores for Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy"

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
August 29 Dr. Whitehead "Guidelines for a Good Seminar"
September 5 Megan Sibley - Literature "Barium Titanate:  Effect of Crystal Size on Multiferroic Properties"
September 12 Ethan LeCroy "Polymer Solar Cells:  Improving Conversion Efficiency through Controlled Nanoscale Morphology"
September 19 Steven Belina - Proposal "The Development of Novel SF5N - and SF5CF2 - containing building blocks"
September 26 Kristin Sockwell - Literature "Moving Toward Thorium as a Nuclear Fuel"
October 3 Carlos Arias - Literature "Ionic Liquids in Green Chemistry:  Synthesis and Applications"
October 24 Andrea Gaertner - Literature TBA
December 5 Craig Goodman - Proposal "Towards Understanding Polyphenol Antioxidant Mechanisms in E. coli"

Student Seminar Schedule For Spring 2015

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
March 10   Charles Lowe TBA                                                           
March 24                                                                    
March 31 Sabina Maskey TBA
April 7 Paul Haupt-Renaud TBA
April 14
April 21 Zhe Jia TBA
April 28 Sidath Wijesinghe TBA

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
January 23 Dr. Joseph Thrasher - Kickoff Meeting
January 30 Siyan Qing - Proposal Seminar (Thrasher) "Syntheses and Applications of Trifluoromethyl-and Pentafluorosulfanyl-containing Organic Molecules"
February 6 Jaime Murphy - Literature Seminar (Brumaghim) "Elucidating the role of biorelevant metals in alpha-synuclein oligomerization in Parkinson disease"
February 13
February 27 Wang Wan - Proposal Seminar (Smith) "Influence of Ionic Side-chains on Properties of Polythiophenes"
March 6 Dino Sulejmanovic - Final Research Seminar (Hwu) "Salt-Inclusion Synthesis of Reduced Polyoxometalates Solids"
March 13 Timothy Lex - Literature Seminar (Whitehead) "Highlights of Recent Synthetic Applications of Cyclopropanes"
April 3 Brad Stadelman - Final Research Seminar (Brumaghim) "Thione and Selone Reactivity:  Metal Binding and Antioxidant Properties"
April 10 Sara Comer - Final Research Seminar (Kolis) TBA
April 17 Kyle Fulle - Proposal Seminar (Kolis) TBA
April 24 Heeren Gordan - Proposal Seminar (Whitehead) TBA

Proposal Seminars
Date, Seminar Speaker

Dates reserved for candidate final serminar
Date, Seminar Speaker:

The Physical/Analytical seminars are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Hunter100.

The Inorganic/Organic seminars are held on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in
Hunter 100.

Attendance of all graduate students is required.