Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation

About Us

Above all else, the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation (OTEI) is a safe haven for all members of the Clemson University teaching community to come to discuss any issue related to teaching. Within this guiding framework, OTEI defines the following as its primary missions:

  1. To keep Clemson University on the cutting edge of teaching excellence and innovation, both by bringing in the best ideas and strategies for enhancing teaching and learning from the outside and by providing forums for Clemson faculty to share their teaching approaches and experiments across the disciplines.

    Over the past three decades college-level teaching has blossomed into an exciting field of research and practice. Drawing on scholarship in learning and cognition, this research has generated a vast repertoire of highly effective techniques and technologies. OTEI collects and disseminates the latest developments in the field and encourages Clemson instructors to open their classroom doors and to exchange their wealth of teaching experience.

  2. To foster communication, understanding and a sense of community between teachers and learners by helping instructors to view their teaching through their students’ perspective and to involve their students more actively in the learning process.

    OTEI offers several confidential services to help individual faculty and teaching assistants assess their effectiveness during the semester, while instructors can still modify their methods and material. One of these services directly surveys the students for their opinion of how well current teaching strategies are helping them learn.

  3. To help faculty and teaching assistants select the most effective teaching methods from an ever-broadening repertoire of instructional formats, techniques and technologies; In addition, to make their implementation as easy and successful as possible.

    OTEI advises in comprehensive course and curriculum design, including the most effective selection -- in cost, time and student learning -- of instructional activities. As these activities encompass computer-based technologies, OTEI coordinates with Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) to help instructors learn about, select and adapt the latest options for classroom use. While CCIT's Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) offers hands-on training in using various applications, OTEI advises instructors on the most learning-effective implementations and the expected impact on student learning. Together TLS and OTEI support the Laptop Faculty Training Program, which equips faculty with the technical and pedagogical expertise to teach laptop courses. As necessary, OTEI links instructors with the most appropriate support units on campus.

  4. To help ensure that teaching and learning are assessed by valid and reliable means that encourage and reward improvement.

    While OTEI will not participate in faculty review, tenure or promotion, it can advise academic units on their procedures for evaluating teaching, such as their student evaluation instruments and valid ways to integrate peer assessment into the process. It is also available to help colleges and departments hone their student assessment strategies, including for accreditation review.

  5. To sustain a vision of teaching as an intellectual activity essential to the overall professional goals of Clemson faculty members and the mission of Clemson University.

    Clemson prides itself on being a premier research and teaching institution and it expects its faculty and teaching assistants to dedicate themselves to teaching excellence. OTEI fosters this dedication and provides the resources for instructors to meet the University's rigorous standards for teaching effectiveness.