Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation


NEW resource for project-based student teams in courses and Creative Inquiry groups! Successful Strategies for Teams - Student Handbook, by Dr. Frances A. Kennedy with Dr. Linda B. Nilson, and Templates for Team Tools.

OTEI has reviewed a tremendous amount of information and has extracted timely and relevant content.

Under Websites for Instructors, you'll find helpful information about:

  • Assessment
  • Electronic/Digital Portfolios
  • Evaluating Web Site Quality (also for your students)
  • Learning, Writing, and Speaking Resources for Your Students
  • Learning Styles
  • Models of Instructional Technology Applications
  • Research On Teaching
  • University Support Services for Instructors

Under Websites for Instructional Use, you can find worthwhile sites that you can show in class to complement your lecture, assign as homework, or refer students to for their research. They are classified as "general" (multidisciplinary) and by specific disciplines.

Under The Teaching Professor, you will learn how to access this respected monthly newsletter from Magna Publications.

Under Tomorrow's Professor, you will find out about this nationally recognized mailing list out of Standford University and how you can subscribe to it.