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Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List

You are invited to subscribe to these 1,000-2,000 word postings on higher education sent electronically twice a week to over 25,000 subscribers in over 650 academic institutions in over 100 countries.

The goals of the mailing list ("desk-top faculty development, one hundred times per year") are to provide:
* provocative and practical material on current issues and problems in higher education, 
* insights on how to prepare for, find and succeed at academic careers in higher education,
* a forum for a contemporary ideas on ways to improve teaching and learning.

Postings fall into one of five categories: (1) Tomorrow's Academy; (2) Tomorrow's Graduate Students and Postdocs; (3) Tomorrow's Academic Careers; (4) Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning; (5) Tomorrow's Research.

An archive of all past postings (with a two-week delay) can be found at:

Content Sources

The majority of the postings consist of excerpts chosen by the editor from books and journals provided on a complementary basis by a number of higher education publishers. The quid pro quo in this arrangement is that full attribution is given in each posting along with the publisher's URL. To date almost 50 journals, magazines and publishers have provided material for the ML.

You may go to a website [] to access all past postings sorted by the five ML categories. Subscribers can also comment on and topic by going to the MIT sponsored blog at:

The survey results presented above suggest that the following elements contribute significantly to the Mailing List's popularity:
(1) The ML is "pushed" at subscribers via twice per week e-mail messages, rather than requiring subscribers to "pull" postings from a website.
(2) Each posting is brief (750-2000 words) and self-contained.
(3) Postings are limited to two per week, 100 times per year.
(4) The postings contain interesting, practical and/or provocative material.
(5) Follow-up sites for additional information are available.
(6) The ML website contains all previous postings sorted by category.
(7) Subscribers obtain information that is not widely know to their colleagues.

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