Creative Inquiry

Sponsor a Project

Do you have an idea that will challenge undergraduate students? Does your business or industry have a project that would benefit from the creative minds of Clemson students?

Creative Inquiry teams work on a variety of diverse subjects and are seeking suggestions for new projects or new directions for existing projects.

Your business or industry can sponsor the work of a Creative Inquiry team. Project costs vary but generally start at $5,000 per semester.

Use the form below to submit your idea for a new Creative Inquiry project. Cora Allard-Keese will contact you to discuss your suggestion and to suggest potential collaborations.

*Describe your idea:
Could this be in collaboration with an existing team? If so, please identify the existing team and describe how your idea could connect to what they are doing now:

I would like to discuss providing financial support for this CI project. (Costs vary, starting at $5,000 per semester.)


For additional information, please email Associate Director Cora Allard-Keese.