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Research Participation afor the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM)

Sponsor Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
About The sponsor provides opportunities to participate in research in program areas such as environmental and health surveillance, laboratory and risk analysis, process re-engineering, consultation and technological innovation, and operational health.
Duration 1 year
Objectives The U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) is an internationally renowned center for aerospace medical learning, consultation, aerospace medical investigations and aircrew health assessments. USAFSAM promotes readiness and protects force and community health by utilizing a range of tools and expertise. Areas of interest include: life, public health, epidemiology and related biomedical sciences; computer science; engineering; earth, environmental, and marine sciences; physical sciences; and related scientific disciplines.
Eligibility Eligible applicants are high school students; undergraduate and graduate students; postgraduates (BS, MS, and PhDs)who have completed degree within the last three years; college or university full-time faculty; K-12 educators; and other scientists. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.
Funding Appointments are made up to one year, full-time or part-time; renewable up to a total of three years full-time participation for postgraduates; renewable up to a total of five years full-time participation for postdoctorates. Awardees receipt a negotiable stipend; limited travel reimbursement (round trip transportation expenses between facility and home or campus) is also provided.