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National Energy Technology Laboratory Professional Internship Program

Sponsor Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
About Three to twenty-four-month internships are provided to graduate and undergraduate students and to postbaccalaureates to participate in energy-related research projects at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (in Morgantown, WV, Albany, OR, and Pittsburgh, PA). A weekly stipend, limited travel reimbursement (round-trip transportation expenses between facility and home or campus), and off-campus tuition and fees may be provided.
Duration 2 years
Objectives The sponsor provides opportunities to participate in energy-related research. Appointments are held at the Federal Energy Technology Centers in Morgantown, WV, Albany, OR, and Pittsburgh, PA. Areas of interest include mathematics; computer science; physical sciences; earth, environmental, and marine sciences; engineering; chemistry, geology, physics, and statistics.
Eligibility Eligible applicants are undergraduate students, post-baccalaureates and graduate students.