Creative Inquiry

Benefits for Faculty

Creative Inquiry allows faculty to help students show progress in their experience and abilities. In particular, Creative Inquiry provides opportunities to:
  • merge teaching with scholarship and provide new teaching environments and challenges;
  • increase interactions with undergraduate students and create mentoring opportunities;
  • promote interdisciplinary scholarship by encouraging faculty to work with students and faculty from other disciplines;
  • create new avenues for scholarship, including more real-world and community-based projects;
  • expand the scope of the students' scholarship;
  • stimulate faculty thinking through the youthful imagination of their undergraduate team;
  • encourage postgraduate study;
  • generate new concepts and current topics that you can incorporate into your classes; assess program strengths up close by observing student learning outcomes;
  • integrate the undergraduate experience more deeply into the mission of the University;
  • address the elements of the distributed competencies of general education (e.g., ethical judgment) in a way that both gives students a chance to acquire or hone their skills and accumulate evidence of competency for their electronic portfolio.
  • Creating a Win-Win Scenario: Increasing Faculty Scholarship & Student Learning by Involving Students in Your Research - Joseph Ryan, Ph.D. Associate Director of Research, Clemson University School of Education