Creative Inquiry

Information for Faculty

More than 300 innovative and challenging Creative Inquiry projects are active at this time. Each project is led by one or more a faculty members, sometimes collaborating with staff or grad students, and to meet our goal of 1,000 projects, we need additional participation.

Initiating a Project

  • To get started, review the comprehensive list of active projects.
  • Create a project that will involve students from your own and/or other departments. Many of the most successful projects are cross-disciplinary. Consider consulting your College Liaison or the CI project office, as they might know of particular areas that would benefit from a new project.
  • Consider working with an outside business, industry, agency or private group to collaborate with your project team.
  • Identify a course to be used for your CI project, and obtain permission from the department chair to teach this course. Preferably, use a course from the list of CI courses in all departments.
  • Submit your project proposal.
  • Once you've initiated your project and have the team in place, use the CI website to recruit students and outside assistance.

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Annual Surveys demonstrate students overwhelming enthusiasm for Creative Inquiry projects.

Managing a Project

  • Procedures for Spending CI Funds
  • To be considered for funding, at minimum you must:
    1. add courses to your CI project
    2. provide a budget request and justification annually
    3. provide an annual report highlighting the outcomes of the student work (e.g., methodologies developed, publications, art exhibits, apps developed etc)
  • Submit Course and section numbers and the start of each semester.
  • Reporting: Post your report online in the designated text box. Short annual reports are required. New funding will not be awarded until reports are up-to-date.
  • Display CI projects at the annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum.
  • Send photos and products to Tullen Burns
  • Encourage your undergraduate students to submit CI project results for presentations at professional meetings. Supplementary CI Travel Grants are available for this purpose.
  • Limited funds are available for undergraduate student salaries to continue CI work in summer See Opportunities and Events

Intellectual Property Information & Documents

See copyright information at

Posters and Easel Rental – FREE Service

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Crediting Creative Inquiry

CI credit statement for publications and presentations:

"This work was supported in part by the Clemson University Creative Inquiry Program"

CI logos for use on presentations and posters:

Photography Permission

Creative Inquiry welcomes your contributions of photographs depicting your project's activities, especially photos that include Clemson undergraduate students. If your photos include people other than Clemson students or employees, we must have signed permission forms from each of these people. Parents permission is required for  photos of  children (under age 18).

Print copies of the Photo Permission Form for Children and the  Photo Permission Form for Adults. Keep these forms handy when you are photographing your project activities and participants. When you send photos to the Creative Inquiry office, please also send a copy of the permission forms. This will ensure that we can use your photos to publicize your work.

Photos for publicity purposes should be high-resolution, at least 200 (preferably 300) pixels per inch.