Creative Inquiry

Information for Students

BioengineeringWhat does it take?

Commitment and curiosity! Must-haves are the desire to be creative, to work with a group of peers for several semesters and to be mentored by a faculty member or advanced graduate student. Course credit is given. There are more than 400 innovative and challenging Creative Inquiry projects active at this time.

How do I to get involved?

Review the comprehensive list of active projects to find a team that interests you. Search by a topic, department or the name of a faculty member. When you find a project of interest, contact the faculty member directly to find out how to join the team. Most projects require permission from the faculty team leader.

Creative Inquiry is available to every undergraduate student, and anyone can suggest a new project.


Crediting Creative Inquiry

CI credit statement for publications and presentations: "This work was supported in part by the Clemson University Creative Inquiry Program"

CI logos for use on presentations and posters:

Photography Permission

Creative Inquiry welcomes your contributions of photographs depicting your project's activities, especially photos that include Clemson undergraduate students. If your photos include people other than Clemson students or employees, we must have signed permission forms from each of these people. Parents permission is required for  photos of  children (under age 18).

Print copies of the Photo Permission Form for Children and the  Photo Permission Form for Adults. Keep these forms handy when you are photographing your project activities and participants. When you send photos to the Creative Inquiry office, please also send a copy of the permission forms. This will ensure that we can use your photos to publicize your work.

Photos for publicity purposes should be high-resolution, at least 200 (preferably 300) pixels per inch.