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Enhancing Campus Activity with Mobile Devices


This course consists of multiple teams (most likely 8-10) of undergraduates working on developing iOS apps for a variety of departments around campus. The students in one semester will learn app development programming skills through four intensive programming assignments. They will then propose a major project (must be approved by instructor) for which they will design, implement, test, and deploy an app. The project may involve other academic departments (such as Mathematical Science, Bioengineering, or English) or campus institutions (such as the Academic Success Center, Cooper Library, or the Michelin Career Center) around campus. The students will present their results at a formal class mini-conference at the end of the semester.

Courses (See instructor for enrollment)

Special Topics in Computing (CPSC 4820 001)

Team Leader(s)

Roy P PargasSchool of Computing


Reba, M., Pargas, R. (2016, July 11-12). Computer Science and Mathematics Collaborating to Create New Educational Opportunities While Developing Interactive Calculus Apps. ICTED 2016 : 18th International Conference on Technology, Education and Development, Stockholm, Sweden.
*Paul, S., Camp, M., Beckwith, A. (2016, July 11-16). CU Navigate: Campus Navigation Technology for Wayfinding Independence. The 39th Annual AHEAD Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
*Schnabel, G.A., *Hu, M.J.A., Edison, G.B., Pargas, R.B. (2016, April 24-28). Communication of FRAC Code Principles with Fruit Producers via Smartphone. Presented at the18th Reinhardsbrunn-Symposium.
*Edison, G., Pargas, R. (2014, April). Mobile apps software development with Creative Inquiry. Poster presented at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum, Clemson, SC.
*Edison, G., Kulkarni, P. (2014, March 5-8), "Teaching Mobile App Software Development is a Challenge!", Poster presented at the annual meeting of ACM SIGCSE 2014, Atlanta, GA.
Internal donation Five apps which started as fall 2015 class projects have received internal funding ($4000 - $5000 each) for continued development in the 2016 spring, summer, and fall semesters. These projects are: ==================================================== 1. Clemson Life (Navigation) Co-Mentors: Dr. Joseph Ryan, Dr. Elliot Jesch, Ms. Courtney Dukes, Mr. Chris Egan, Clemson Life Student: Joey Costa 2. Clemson Life (Shopping) Co-Mentors: Dr. Joseph Ryan, Dr. Elliot Jesch, Ms. Courtney Dukes, Mr. Chris Egan, Clemson Life Student: Volodymyr Budnichenko 3. Nice Catch Tiger! Co-Mentors: Dr. Jim Grieger, Ms. Anne Kogut, Ms. Angel Bright, Research Safety Students: Daniel Battle, Jackson Dawkins 4. CU Navigate Co-Mentor: Ms. April Beckwith, Clemson Student Disability Services Students: Sydney Paul, Kyle Brennan 5. PeerTutor Co-Mentor: Dr. Sara Mackiewicz Students: Cameron Washick, Colton Rudd

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