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CEDC1: Water System


Our mission is to understand the current state of the water system as a whole and work with Cange-based interns to make corrective actions. We strive to meet the portable water standards set by WHO and DINEPA by upgrading currently installed technology, including fountains. We also work towards designing consistent and accurate daily water testing, developing a proper location to test the water, communicating test results, and implementing a subsequent plan of action for treatment. These actions are all required to ensure the safety of Haitian citizens and to prevent disease and death.
The water system needs to be constantly monitored and any issues must be identified and resolved in order to ensure that safe and quality drinking water reaches the citizen of Cange. In order to accomplish this, students will write a recommendation report based on the analyzed water system data. They will also aim to upgrade infrastructure by integrating a water-testing laboratory and other technologies through the use of new standard operating procedures. Additionally the task of the well drilling project is to provide a constant source of clean water to the villages to use as drinking water as well as for the latrines and communal kitchens. The project will improve the overall lifestyle and health of the Haitian villagers. The task will be done by drilling a well in the villages and having the wells pump water into a holding tank that can then be gravity fed to the latrine system, communal kitchen, and to taps to provide water. There are two steps for this project: 1) the wells will be drilled and a hand pump will be installed in Haitian villages. 2) Once we are confident that the villagers can maintain this well the hand pump will be replaced with an electric pump and a holding tank will be installed. Once this is done the second part of the mission statement can be implemented (water from holding tank gravity fed to the latrines and communal kitchens.)

Team Leader(s)

Jennifer Ogle, PhDCivil Engineering
Kathryn BoysenSchool of Accountancy & Finance

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