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Multicultural Competencies in Peer Dialogue Facilitation: Building Capacity and Efficacy


Peer Dialogue Facilitators [PDFs] are a team of undergraduate students whose primary role is to enhance campus climate through programs which improve understanding, tolerance and communication among students at Clemson University. PDFs facilitate dialogue for the Clemson student body in an effort to develop essential communication and leadership skills, which are critical for living and working in diverse and inclusive communities. Peer Dialogue Facilitator's foster mutual understanding, compassion, awareness, and meaningful relationships among students from different social identities.

Team Leader(s)

Rebecca Morgan, MEdGantt Center for Student Life
Leasa Evinger, MEdUniversity Housing
Tony W CawthonLeadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev


*Mills, D. (2014, July 9). Dialogue to Shift a Culture. Presented at the annual conference of Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, Vienna, Austria.

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