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America Reads: A Tutoring Program at Clemson Elementary School


Clemson University students provide after-school tutoring in reading to K - 2 students at Clemson Elementary School. The CI team will explore young children's literacy development over the academic year, participate in assessing their reading achievement, and their responses to strategy instruction.

Team Leader(s)

Anastasia HomerTeacher Education
Linda B Gambrell, PhDTeacher Education


America Reads - A Tutoring Program at Clemson Elementary SchoolThis past academic year, Creative Inquiry students completed data collection for a mixed methods study entitled: Making a Difference: Tutoring One-on-One in America Reads.  This study explored the perceptions and experiences of the undergraduate Clemson University students who tutored elementary students at Clemson Elementary School.  The study focused on the insights and personal growth of the tutors with regard to their tutoring experiences with the elementary students.  Journal  reflections and interviews served as the primary data sources. These reflections, include changes observed in the child's ability to read and write as well as tutor's reflection on their personal growth as a tutor.  Findings revealed that tutors' personal growth and development may have been positively shaped by their feelings of self-efficacy as a tutor and their relationship with the children.  Students presented the findings of this study at FOCI in April, 2015.
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Ramey, D., McCrea-Andrews, H., and Gambrell, L.B. (2012, December). Fact, Fiction or a Little of Both Accepted for presentation at the Literacy Research Association Conference, San Diego, CA, December 2012.
Gambrell, L. (April, 2012)  The Role of Motivation in Differentiated Literacy Instruction. Institute keynote presented at the International Reading Association, Chicago, IL.

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