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Apps R Us: Designing and Implementing Mobile Device Apps


This three-semester effort teaches students how to develop iOS (Apple) apps.  Students must have a good foundation in software development, equivalent to CPSC 101 and CPSC 102, or CPSC 210. Students will learn app software development skills and will then apply them to projects designed to help Clemson students learn, help Clemson teachers teach, or simply make campus life richer and more enjoyable.  We meet weekly and discuss many issues related to app development and we can help improve campus life through mobile technology.

Team Leader(s)

Roy P PargasSchool of Computing

Social Media


FoCI Poster*Garcia, S., *Erich, K., *Byrd, D., *Ellis, M., Pargas, R. (2014, April). ACTS: Apps connecting today's students Poster presented at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum, Clemson, SC.

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