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Ruminant Anatomy II


Ruminant Anatomy II: This creative inquiry course provides the opportunity for advanced hands-on ruminant (bovine, caprine, ovine) anatomy. Twelve students will complete this CI course with accelerated experience in large animal anatomy increasing preparation for graduate/veterinary school or the agricultural industry. Students will partake in ruminant necropsy (post-mortem examination of muscles, organs, vessels, bones), radiographs and histology preparation. Digital images will be collected during all activities and compiled as supplemental instructional material to aid AVS pre-veterinary science students providing additional visual tools for animal science courses. AVS 4090 Ruminant Anatomy II will be offered Fall 2013 for 2 credit hours, followed by AVS 4910 Undergraduate Research Spring 2014 for 1 credit hour. Students are required to commit for both semesters Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. PLEASE contact the instructor before registering. Students need to meet with the instructor for final acceptance into this class.

Team Leader(s)

Heather Dunn, PhDAnimal & Veterinary Sciences


Companion Animal Anatomy: A Photo Atlas*Crowder, C., *Kelley, M., *Rowland, T., Dunn, H. (2014). Companion Animal Anatomy: A Photo Atlas. Clemson University.
Ruminant Anatomy: A Photo Atlas*Crowder, C., *Kelley, M., *Rowland, T., Dunn, H. (2014). Ruminant Anatomy: A Photo Atlas, 2nd Edition.
Brochure for Ruminant Anatomy AtlasDunn, H. W. (2014, August). Ruminant Anatomy: A Photo Atlas. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (in print).

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