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Identification and Functional Evaluation of Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammatory Immunomodulators from Noni and Poha


Noni juice has anti-cancer activities through the activation of the immune system, especially natural killer (NK) cells. We are in a process of identifying the active anti-cancer compounds from noni juice and evaluating their anti-cancer activity. The current CI project will be a part of this effort and responsible for the biological screening and anti-cancer activity evaluation of the noni materials. CI students will set up an in vitro screening system to identify potential anti-cancer immunomodulators and examine their anti-cancer activities. A minimum of two semesters are required for a student to register this course (BIOL 4940).

Team Leader(s)

Yanzhang Wei, PhDBiological Sciences


*Fox, A., *Cruse, K., *Polito, M., Wei, Y. (2016, April) CI Report. Presented at Dr. Wei's lab meeting.
FoCI PosterTietje, A., Yang, I., *Huggins, H., *Brierley, S., *Burns, A., *Shearer, A. (2015, April). Anti-tumor potential of compounds isolated from Physalis peruviana (poha). Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.
Borucki, R., *Blumer, A., *Huggins, H., Wei, Y., *Tietje, A., Yang, X. (2014, April). Compounds from fermented noni exudates (fNE) selectively kill human cancer cells. Poster presented at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum, Clemson, SC.

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