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Identification and Functional Evaluation of Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammatory Immunomodulators from Noni and Poha


Noni juice has anti-cancer activities through the activation of the immune system, especially natural killer (NK) cells. We are in a process of identifying the active anti-cancer compounds from noni juice and evaluating their anti-cancer activity. The current CI project will be a part of this effort and responsible for the biological screening and anti-cancer activity evaluation of the noni materials. CI students will set up an in vitro screening system to identify potential anti-cancer immunomodulators and examine their anti-cancer activities. A minimum of two semesters are required for a student to register this course (BIOL 4940).

Courses (See instructor for enrollment)

Sel Topics in Creative Inq II (BIOL 4940 005)
Sel Top in Creative Inq II Lab (BIOL 4941 005)
Sel Topics in Creative Inq II (BIOL 4940 006)
Sel Top in Creative Inq II Lab (BIOL 4941 006)

Team Leader(s)

Yanzhang Wei, PhDBiological Sciences


*Fox, A., *Cruse, K., *Polito, M., Wei, Y. (2016, April) CI Report. Presented at Dr. Wei's lab meeting.
FoCI PosterTietje, A., Yang, I., *Huggins, H., *Brierley, S., *Burns, A., *Shearer, A. (2015, April). Anti-tumor potential of compounds isolated from Physalis peruviana (poha). Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.
Borucki, R., *Blumer, A., *Huggins, H., Wei, Y., *Tietje, A., Yang, X. (2014, April). Compounds from fermented noni exudates (fNE) selectively kill human cancer cells. Poster presented at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum, Clemson, SC.

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