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The Jolly Postman Delivers: Dialoguing About Books With Children Through Letters, Blogs, & Vlogs


The Jolly Postman Delivers: Dialoguing about Books with Children Through Pen Pal Letters Creative Inquiry participants will have opportunities to read children’s picture books and tradebooks and dialogue through letters, book talks, blogs, and/or vlogs with students in elementary classrooms and libraries providing critical perspectives on quality children's literature. CI students will attend introductory sessions on picturebook characteristics and how to analyze picturebooks and tradebooks. Each group will learn ways to organize texts sets, critique, and model responses about books. Participants will write book talks, blogs or videotape vlogs on a regular basis throughout the semester. Groups will be based on data with early literacy or elementary level readers. Participants must enroll in ED 3970. This project will extend beyond one semester, for a minimum of two semesters.

Team Leader(s)

Susan Fullerton, PhDEducation & Human Dev
Koti HubbardTeacher Education


SC International Reading AssociationProposal to be submitted in September on Book Talks and Text Sets
International Literacy AssociationProposal submitted: Story as experience: First graders' responses to Ezra Jack Keats' Peter Narratives.

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