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Developing Awareness Through Case Study and Self-Analysis: Eugene T. Moore School of Education Moore Scholars Program


The purpose of the freshman year of the Moore Scholars Creative Inquiry is to develop individuals who possess the knowledge and skills to lead, the commitment to act, and the courage and resilience to initiate change in schools and communities so that every child has the opportunity to learn. Students participating in this creative inquiry must be accepted to the Moore Scholars Program. Moore Scholars will participate in weekly, co-curricular activities designed to develop their self-awareness. These will include, but will not be limited to, completing a literacy biography of themselves and comparing it to the literacy biography that they create for a student in the Clemson First Program, creating a school and community profile for their own high school and comparing it to the school and community profile for the student that they interviewed from the Clemson First Program, completing a case study of the student they are tutoring in their field experience in their Ed 105 course, participating in a 2-hour poverty simulation, and reading articles, books, and movies that shed light on the factors that influence the educational outcomes of poor and minority K-12 students. Following all of these activities, Moore Scholars will engage in regular writing reflections on the Moore Scholars wiki. They will analyze their writings using and look for themes that emerge using a dispositional analysis tool.

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Angela Rogers, PhDDean ETM School of Education

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