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Clemson Vanishing Firefly Project: Using a Mobile Phone App and Social Media to Promote Environmental Education


Firefly Counter is a free mobile app that allows citizens to learn about environmental factors affecting firefly habitats, collect data on firefly populations, and collaborate with Clemson scientists as they make important discoveries about fireflies. The goal of this project is to develop an educational tool that reaches a diverse group of participants and promotes sustained involvement in the Vanishing Firefly Citizen Science Project. Students will collaborate to develop and implement a plan to “gamify” the app and give incentives for long-term participation. Students will develop strategies to balance the scientific, educational, and social goals of the project while creating a user-friendly experience for the citizen scientist. Special attention will be given to utilizing social media avenues for recruitment and educational project goals.

Team Leader(s)

Michelle CookTeaching & Learning
David WhiteCCIT Research Support
Roy P PargasSchool of Computing
Juang Horng ChongAg & Environmental Sciences
Alex Chow, PhDForestry & Environment Conserv

Social Media


Chow, A., Chong, J., Pargas, R., Cook, M., White, D., Binbin L., Hechu Z., and Lyons R., Voges, A.*, Edison, G.*, Hull, J*., Schultze D.*, Edmonson, D.*, and Dickman, K.* (2014, April 26-27) Clemson Vanishing Firefly project: Using a Mobile Phone App as Education and Research Tools for Sustainability. Exhibition and presentation at the the 10th Annual National Sustainable Design Expo, USEPA P3 Competition, Washington DC. April 26-27.
Honorable mention at P3-2014Amanda Voges*, Greg Edison*, Joshua Hull*, Devin Schultze*, Renee Lyons*, Binbin Li, Hechu Zhu, Kelsey Dickman*, Douglas Edmonson*, Alex Chow, Juang Chong, Michelle Cook, David White. Honorable mention for "Clemson Firefly Watch Program: Using a Mobile Phone App as Education and Research Tools for Sustainability." Environmental Protection Agency_s People, Prosperity and Plant Expo (EPA P3). April 27, Washington, DC.

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