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Impacts of Intergroup Dialogue in Middle and High School Settings


Intergroup dialogue (IGD), while researched in higher education, has had little conducted in K-12. As a social justice pedagogy, IGD examines boundaries, power, and structure by exploring the individual experience within society and building shared understanding through deep, critical reflection and conversation. This educational method elicits powerful outcomes by moving education from teacher centric, to learner centered, creating rich environments that promote intensive learning and growth. This project is planned to be a year long endeavor, providing students training as intergroup dialogue facilitators in the fall, so they may head into a middle school or high school classroom/after school program in the spring. Once in the classroom, facilitators will work in pairs to lead an intergroup dialogue group. You will use research training gained during the fall semester to observe and interview participants in the IGD group.
This opportunity will provide you experience with innovative teaching/learning and research methods and the chance to make a positive impact in a teenager’s life.

Team Leader(s)

D. Matthew Boyer, PhDEducation & Human Dev
Ashley Sutton, MAgEdAg & Environmental Sciences
LaGarrett KingTeacher Education
Jared HalterLeadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev

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