Creative Inquiry

Current Projects

America Reads: Exploring Strategies and Techniques for Reading Instruction


Students on this CI team will explore reading intervention strategies and techniques for children in grades K - 2. A series of investigations will be conducted to explore children's reading interests, motivation to read, awareness of features of narrative and informational text, and responses to teacher read alouds. CI students will engage in developing research projects, interventions, and assessments and will be involved in implementing the studies as well as collecting, analyzing, and interpreting results.

Courses (See instructor for enrollment)

Creative Inquiry in Education (ED 3970 025)

Team Leader(s)

Linda B Gambrell, PhDTeacher Education
Deanna Ramey, PhDTeacher Education
Anastasia HomerTeacher Education


Dodgins, E., Hamilton, S., Herring, K., Hughes, J., Jennings, D., Ramey, M. D., Homer, A., Gambrell, L. (2014, April). America reads: A tale of two studies Poster presented at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum, Clemson, SC.

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