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Empowering Teachers with Low-Intensity Strategies to Support Instruction


The purpose of this project, Empowering Teachers with Low-Intensity Strategies to Support Instruction, is to enable university students to design, implemented, and evaluate low-intensity strategies to support instruction in local schools to better serve students with and at-risk for learning and behavior problems. The low-intensity supports include established teacher-directed supports such as behavior specific praise, increasing students’ opportunities to respond, precorrection, and choice making activities designed to increase student engagement, reduce disruptive behavior, improve work completion, and improve academic outcomes for preK-12 students. Undergraduate students would participate in intervention planning through team meeting as well as implementation and data collection in local schools during and/or after school (e.g., Pickens, Anderson).

Team Leader(s)

Robin Ennis, PhDTeacher Education
Martha J Hodge, PhDTeacher Education

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