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ICLEP: Interactive Cases for Learning Educational Psychology


The goal of this two semester Creative Inquiry project is to provide interested students the skills needed to develop interactive case studies for helping college students learn about learning. There are four skills students will gain as part of this project: (1) researching and understanding key theories in educational psychology, (2) creating plausible cases and transforming them into storyboards or “decision trees” that show where users could make decisions that change the outcomes of the cases, (3) prototyping, and (4) conducting research into whether or not the use of interactive case studies works to support student understanding. The plan is to focus on (1) - (3) in the first semester and (4) in the second semester.

Courses (See instructor for enrollment)

Team Leader(s)

Penelope Vargas, PhDTeacher Education
Meihua QianTeacher Education
D. Matthew Boyer, PhDTeacher Education


FoCI PosterDenardis, V., Mercer, E., Roman, J., Vargas, P., Boyer, D., Qian, M. (2015, April). ICLEP: Interactive Cases for Learning Educational Psychology. Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.

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