Creative Inquiry

Products and Accomplishments

Call for Creative Inquiry Products and Accomplishments 

The Creative Inquiry program wants to advertise the accomplishments of your team! Let us know about your completed works, such as publications, presentations, performance, models, display, installations, patents, awards, websites, videos or any other tangible products produced by your Creative Inquiry team.  

The information you send will be compiled into a list that will be permanently posted on the Creative Inquiry website and printed for the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum. 

This is a great opportunity to brag about your Creative Inquiry projects to the University community and the world!

Submit information about your team’s accomplishments in one of two ways:

1.    E-mail the full citations to Barbara Speziale. You can cut and paste these from your CV or other document. Please put an asterisk (*) next to the name of each Creative Inquiry student in the citation. 

2.   Update your CI project description by posting citations for your "products" (publications, presentations, ect.) in the Products text box on your CI Project manage page.