Creative Inquiry

Project Spotlights

Experiencing Our World through Your iPhone

Prospective students and their parents can now tour Clemson University's campus with an iPhone as their guide.

The application developed by students as a Creative Inquiry project offers an interactive way to learn more about buildings and landmarks on Clemson's campus, watch video clips and get directions through GPS navigation.

The application is available at the Class of 1944 Visitors Center on Apple iTouch devices that visitors can check out. The tour can be downloaded for free on Apple's iTunes.

The application was developed by undergraduate students Gina Guerrero and Adam Cross and graduate student Kyungsoo Im. Information, video and images were developed with the help of the student tour guides.

"This was a great way to give our students hands-on experience in developing an application for hand-held devices, a rapidly growing industry," said computer science professor Roy Pargas, who advised the Creative Inquiry team. "It also helped fill a need at the University by providing Clemson with another way to reach out to prospective students and showcase what the University has to offer."

By: Anne Jenkins (Decipher Issue 1, Fall 2012)