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FIRST Summer Preview Program


What is the FIRST Summer Preview?

The FIRST  Summer Preview started in 2007. It is a residential summer program where you can get a glimpse of what your freshman year will be like. Make friends, meet upperclassmen, make connections and learn what college life is like. You will feel at home here and be armed with the tools you need to succeed!
This is an opportunity to start out your college career,make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. The program is offered at a nominal charge to students. If you want a head start, the summer program is your golden opportunity.

Academics: A workshop will provide students with an introduction to college rigor and the tools to achieve at the college level in these disciplines. There will be guest speakers and introduction to resources available to students at Clemson.
Living: Students will live on campus and experience a college atmosphere complete with dining halls and class. Students will live with two FIRST mentors, first-generation Clemson undergraduate students, who will plan activities and mentor students. Student meals will be provided at the dining hall

Fun: Students will attend an outdoor team building experience at Clemson’s Outdoor Lab. There will also be a BBQ picnic at the Clemson Beach with kayaking and volleyball, where student will get to meet older FIRST students and alumni of the program. 

Details for the Summer 2014 FIRST Summer Preview will be posted at the beginning of April. Check back for more information.

Summer Preview Team

Sherry Dorris
Sherry Dorris
Director of the FIRST Program

Haley Scruggs, First Program, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Haley Scruggs
FIRST Mentor

Sarah Locklair, 2013-2014 Graduate Assistant
Sarah Locklair
2013-2014 Graduate Assistant