Clemson Orientation

Orientation Session Dates

Below are the dates for the summer orientation sessions for new students entering Clemson in 2014 fall semester.

June 16-17 Closed Freshman
June 18 Ciosed Transfer
June 19-20 Closed Freshman 
June 23-24 Closed Freshman
June 25 Closed Transfer
June 26-27 Closed Freshman
June 30-July 1 Closed Freshman
July 7-8 Closed Freshman 
July 9 Closed Transfer
July 10-11 Closed Freshman
July 14-15 Closed Freshman
July 16 Closed Transfer
July 17-18 Closed Freshman
August 14 Transfer
August 15 Freshman

Things to know:

  • If you did not attend an orientation session in June or July, please go online and pre-register for the August session.
  • Your session date is not confirmed until you have completed online registration and received the confirmation email.