Clemson Orientation

Orientation Session Dates

Below are the dates for the orientation sessions for new students entering Clemson in 2015 fall semester. Online registration is open now.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please contact us at to review the orientation session schedule. Provide your XID so that we may access your student record. Thank you.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: This program is for undergraduate students. Please visit the Graduate School website to learn more about the orientation scheduled for you on August 14 at Graduate School Orientation.

August orientation session dates:

  • August 13 - Transfer
  • August 14 - Freshman

Things to know:

  • Before registering for an orientation session, you must first pay the Admissions deposit.
  • It is recommended that you pre-register for the orientation session. Online registration will remain open until Tuesday, August 11.
  • Any person attending with the student needs to be a registered guest.
  • Your session date is not confirmed until you have completed online registration, including payment, and received the confirmation email.