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Register for Orientation


Registration for orientation is an online program. During registration, you have the option to purchase the Clemson t-shirt designed specifically for orientation attendees and the Parent Fan Pack.

The student Orientation and Transition fees are nonrefundable. 

Please be reminded that ANY person attending orientation with you (parent or other family member, legal guardian, spouse or best friend) will need to be a registered guest and pay the guest fee.

Online registration for those students planning to enter Clemson University in the 2017 summer and fall semesters is open now.  The deposit to University Admissions must be paid prior to registering for orientation. To register for orientation you need:

  • Your Clemson username and password (password entry is case-sensitive).

  • A valid credit card (The University accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

Helpful info:

  • Once you pay the deposit online to University Admissions, you need to wait at least one day before you try and access the online orientation registration program. 

  • All students are encouraged to attend any open session that best fits their summer schedule.

  • Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis by academic major. There are also overall session capacities in place.

  • NOTE: Once a session reaches capacity, it is no longer available to you. Closed sessions will not show up as choices for you on the Dates page of the registration. All of the open sessions will be available to select. Please understand - we do not maintain waiting lists for closed sessions.

  • Your session date is not confirmed until you complete the registration, including the payment, and receive the confirmation email.

  • We recommend you wait and make your travel plans after you receive the confirmation email to avoid any additional transportation charges.

Confirmation email:
Once you've completed your orientation registration, check your Clemson gmail account for the confirmation email. If you have difficulties setting up or accessing your gmail account, contact the Clemson Computing Information & Technology (CCIT) Customer Support Center at 864-656-3494 for assistance.

Changes to your registration:

You are able to log back in to your registration to make changes and updates. Use the link below and re-enter your username and password. If any change results in a refund, the refund will be submitted for processing within ten (10) business days.  Changes can be entered up to one week before the session. You always have access to log back in to print your receipt or make a payment.

: As your session date nears, we will lock the session and you will be unable to make any more changes or updates to your registration. You can always log back in to print a receipt or make a payment. If you need to make any last minutes changes, please contact our office at 864-656-0515 or email us at orientation@clemson.edu.


Any questions, please contact us at 864-656-0515, or email us at orientation@clemson.edu. You will be asked to provide your XID number so that our office may access your registration.