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Athletic Council

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Welcome to Clemson University’s Athletic Council Website. The primary function of the Athletic Council is to advise the Clemson University Administration and the Athletic Department on major decisions affecting the administration of the Athletic Department. Members of the Athletic Council include elected representatives from the seven colleges and the library, presidential appointments, student representatives, an IPTAY representative, an Alumni Association representative, a Faculty Senate representative, and classified staff representatives. The Council’s five standing committees work with Athletic Department liaisons to identify and address issues related to intercollegiate athletics. The Athletic Council is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to enhance the University’s vision of a top 20 university in academics and athletics. For further information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Athletic Council, or to see a list of Athletic Council representatives please follow the appropriate links on our site.

Meeting Schedule

First Tuesday of every month from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Articles of Interest

AAS Annual Report (PDF)

Athletics Recruiting and Academic Values (PDF): Enhancing Transparency, Spreading Risk, and Improving Practice Roundtable on Intercollegiate Athletics and Higher Education,, University of Georgia Institute of Higher Education, Fall 2006

Understanding Graduation Rates, Graduation Success Rates, and Academic Progress Rates (DOC)

Framing the Future: Intercollegiate Athletics (PDF)