Office of General Counsel

Notaries Public (Notary)

On those occasions when University business requires a signature to be notarized, the following Clemson University employees serve as notaries in the state of South Carolina:

Ree Cooley Accounting Services Admin. Services Building 864-656-5603
Audrey Bodell Admissions, Undergraduate 105 Sikes Hall 864-656-5460
Patsy Lynch Admissions 101 Sikes Hall 864-656-5458
Roxanne Bernard Animal and Veterinary Sciences 140 P&A Building 864-656-6464
Roger Grant Arch. Arts and Humanities 226 Hardin Hall 864-656-5371
Ida Benson Athletics 105-A McFadden Building 864-656-1936
Elizabeth Douglas Athletics West End Zone 864-656-2796
Sharon Littlejohn Athletics 105 McFadden Building 864-656-1937
Teri Townsend Athletics 101 McFadden Building 864-656-1935
Kim Phillips Automotive Engineering 4 Research Drive, Greenville, SC 864-283-7220
Cindy Long Budget Office G06 Sikes Hall 864-656-2423
Cindy Owens Clemson Apparel Research 500 Lebanon Road, Pendleton, SC 864-646-8454
Talitha Ellington CU-ICAR 5 Research Drive, Greenville, SC 864-283-7101
Kelly Burgess Engineering 100C Riggs Hall 864-656-7949
Kenna Sawdey Engineering 109 Riggs Hall 864-656-3200
Kevin Wakefield Engineering 100C Riggs Hall 864-656-7247
Betsey Shira Financial Affairs G06 Sikes Hall 864-656-2421
Charles Williams Garrison Arena 1101 W. Queen St., Pendleton,SC 864-646-2717
Amy Josey General Counsel 209 Sikes Hall 864-656-7236
Beth Newton General Counsel 209 Sikes Hall 864-656-3414
Cynthia Seaborn Grants and Contracts Administration 321 Brackett Hall 864-656-6150
Kristie Nieves HEHD-Business Office 107 Edwards Hall 864-656-2072
Terry Cash HEHD-National Dropout Prevention 209 Martin Street 864-656-2737
Tanya Miller HEHD-Teacher Ed/Call Me Mister 202 Holtzendorff 864-656-4646
Dan Alder Human Resources Admin. Services Building 864-656-4678
Cathy Stegall Human Resources Admin. Services Building 864-656-4670
Pablo Unda Human Resources Admin. Services Building 864-656-5591
Saundra Holland Industrial Engineering 110 Freeman Hall 864-656-4717
Meredith Wilson International Affairs E307 Martin Hall 864-656-0579
Janice Bishop Madren Center Madren Center 864-656-4448
Sandra Wimphrie Madren Center Madren Center 864-656-4404
Sybil Miller Performing Arts 221 Brooks Center 864-656-3043
Peter Cohen Philosophy and Religion 022 Hardin Hall 864-650-5497
Bill Maker Philosophy and Religion 126 Hardin Hall 864-656-5365
Lori Rholetter Physics and Astronomy 118 Kinard Lab 864-656-3417
Angie Guido Political Science 232 Brackett Hall 864-656-5401
Brenda Smith Provost 206 Sikes Hall 864-656-3940
Sonya Merck PSA 113 Barre Hall 864-656-2653
Meshelle Rabon PSA Business Services 113 Barre Hall 864-656-3388
Mike Simmons PSA Business Services 113 Barre Hall 864-656-2511
Bonnie Lanier Redfern Health Services Redfern 864-656-0723
Casandra Gibson Research 305C Brackett Hall 864-656-0590
Becca Hanus Research 300 Brackett 864-656-1651
Cathy Welton Research 223 Brackett Hall 864-656-1525
Lisa Wray Research Safety 500 Daniel Drive 864-656-0341
Mary Jo Craig Risk Management E306 Martin Hall 864-656-3365
Denise Godwin Risk Management E306 Martin Hall 864-656-3365
Linda Rice Risk Management E306 Martin Hall 864-656-3354
Faith Christner Student Affairs 100 Mell Hall 864-656-5444
Joy Acree Moss Student Affairs 200 Mell Hall 864-656-2792
Darlene Mahaffey Student Affairs 200 Mell Hall 864-656-4663
Debbie Crowe Student Affairs 107 Clemson House 864-656-1638
Wanda Rhodes Student Affairs 805 University Union 864-656-6251
Lynne Marcus Student Affairs 316 Hendrix Student Center 864-656-4337
Felisa Towe Student Affairs G06 Redfern Health Center 864-656-0727
Vickie Metz Student Affairs G-23 Redfern Health Center 864-656-3568
Christi Chambers Student Financial Services G-08 Sikes Hall 864-656-9061