Public Affairs

How to Tell Our Story


Concept — Determined Spirit

At the forefront of Clemson’s strategic initiatives is a goal to break into the top 20 of national public universities. Enhancing the public perception of Clemson’s fine academic program through a cohesive brand experience will be a key factor in reaching this goal. Therefore, a brand vocabulary that demonstrates what makes Clemson distinct through image, words and graphics is paramount.

The concept rationale draws from the “determined spirit” at the very core of the Clemson DNA. The Determined Spirit idea captures the emotion of the diverse constituencies of the University’s community and communicates why they connect and become believers for life.

“Determined” also speaks to the vision and commitment of Thomas Green Clemson and his drive to make the school a reality under incredible odds.

To achieve a brand expression that can be effectively communicated through the necessary communications media, we have established a palette of tools that, when combined, tell the story of an institution located in a setting of intense beauty with heart and a drive to be the best.

Elements of the palette include:

  • visuals and content that demonstrate tenacity, achievement, spirit, moments of “a-ha,” intense focus or absorption in an activity, pushing through, state of heightened emotions
  • real-life stories of true determination
  • rich, storytelling imagery that evokes spirited activities and personal interactions
  • an inventory of logos that provide visual consistency and embody Clemson’s key brand attributes
  • graphic, sans-serif typography combined with the organic handwriting script to express the concept through words
  • a color palette that draws from the natural backdrop of the school