Public Affairs

Tips for Working with the News Media

News Media Guidelines

The Office of Public Affairs encourages and actively pursues media coverage for Clemson University by distributing news releases and story ideas, pitching faculty as sources of expertise on timely topics, scheduling one-on-one interviews with local and national reporters, and scheduling editorial board visits or news conferences when warranted. Information is also distributed directly to constituents and the public through RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email and the Web.
As a result of this activity and open-meeting laws, any faculty or staff member — intentionally or not — can become an on-the-record, quoted source of information for the news media — either by having a press release written about his/her work, serving as an expert source of information, making a presentation or participating in a discussion in an open meeting attended by reporters, or simply having a casual conversation with a reporter. 
Working with the news media can help Clemson achieve its goals of recruiting outstanding students, faculty and staff, disseminating the results of research, getting credit for the good work of faculty, staff and students, maintaining contact with alumni, and creating goodwill and support among influential people, which includes the general public of South Carolina.
This information is intended to ensure that interactions between Clemson faculty and staff and members of the press are positive ones that lead to the desired results. The keys to a successful media interview/interaction are knowing what to expect, deciding on your communications objectives in advance, and sticking to your key messages. Make the interview your forum for your message.