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“The Hill” Graphic Element

elementsThe Hill is one of the most recognizable places at Clemson. Every weekend in the fall, “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football” transpire down the Hill. Long after their days at Clemson, alumni treasure their memories of Clemson Tiger culture, and the Hill graphic element is a tribute to this legacy. 

NOTE: To avoid overuse and eyestrain, it is recommended that, the Hill be used ONLY ONCE within a layout. 

The slope of the Hill offers multiple opportunities to add variety or pacing to a CAA layout (and reinforce the wave within the Tiger Rag).

The Hill graphic element is a slope with proportions between peak and valley that must be maintained. Also, the “upswing” and “downswing” on its ends must be kept to a subtle minimum to avoid creating a wavy graphic. 

How the Hill graphic element may be altered 

  • Widen horizontally, as long as the original proportion of height to width is maintained. (This is usually achieved by holding down the SHIFT key while scaling the graphic in layout/graphics programs.)
  • Shorten (e.g., on this page). It may be shorter than the height of the original graphic, as long as its proportions are maintained by flattening from the top – NOT by stretching it from the side. It may not be stretched taller. 
  • Flip horizontally. 
  • Integrate it into a border or color area that contains other content. The same scaling rules apply.